Avada Best Selling WordPress Theme

Avada, the ultimate Best Selling WordPress theme of all time

To build a dynamic and fascinating content website, Avada, for sure is the most eligible path out there. It has been the #1 selling WordPress theme in the market for 7 years. Both for the beginners and the people in market, it has proven to offer the most user-friendly and convenient designs and layouts. Once you step on it, it will direct you to create an impressive website out of it in the most satisfactory way. I’ll tell you why. Let’s start.

It is a multipurpose theme Like Flatsome, BeTheme. But avada have some unique features which made it the best selling wordpress theme.

What is Avada?

Avada is the finest WordPress theme to build and develop amazing websites. Since years it has topped as the best selling theme among users. It has sensibly structered ultra functioning features, various designs, built in layouts and customizing alternatives. 

It also offers a search engine optimization plugin, which is a great opportunity to engage your website through organic search engine results. That means it not only helps you build projects but also to traffic your content or website in the business effectively.

Back in 2011 two freelancers Mohammed Haris and Luke Beck decided to work together in designing and developing themes on Themeforest. They came up with their very first project ThemeFusion in March 2012.  ThemeFusion then launched The Avada WordPress Theme On Themeforest in August 2012.  With it’s increasing popularity it became the no. 1 selling theme by time and today it has a huge customer base of more than 600,000 users.

This platform enables the users  to create an efficient toolkit for your website where they can bind unlimited designs and layouts using the huge collection of templates and stylesheets of this theme. It features seven advanced blog layous, three portfolio layouts and seven highly flexible header layouts which further can be customized through intuitive layout control.

Right now more than 23,000 reviews have rated it as  4.8/5.

Getting Sarted With Avada

  1. Access The Avada Builder Options: First of all, go to Avada Dashboard. Options > Builder Options>Avada Builder’soptions>Customize>‘Save Settings’.
cheapest best selling wordpress theme 2020
  1. Auto Activation: When you switch on the option, the Avada Builder will automatically be displayed while creating or editing a new page or post. Otherwise, the default WordPress content editor field will be displayed.
avada builder
  1. Disable/Enable Elements: Under the ‘Avada Builder Elements’ section, you’ll find a checklist of all existing Avada Builder Elements. Disabling Avada Builder Elements can slightly increase performance and speed. Please be aware that disabling an Element will disable it from all existing pages or posts. Disabled Elements will render as code snippets, instead.                                                                                     Avada Dashboard> Options > Builder Options>Settings page>Avada Builder Elements’ section>Check it for it to be enabled> ‘Save Settings’.
avada builder elements
  1. Activate/Deactivate Avada Builder On Custom Post Types: Under the ‘Post Types’ section, you’ll find a checklist of all your existing custom post types. What you see here will be depenedant on the plugins you have installed. Using these options, you can activate or deactivate the Avada Builder on any of your custom post types. Simply check the checkbox of the custom post type you’d like to activate the Avada Builder in, or uncheck to disable it.
  1. Import/Export Avada Builder Content: To import your Avada Builder content browse to and select the XML file with your saved content and click the ‘Import’ button and wait for it to finish loading.To export your entire Avada Builder content click the appropriate button and an XML file containing your saved content will be downloaded to your computer.
avada builder content
  1. Customize Elements: To customize each Avada Builder Element globally, you can do so by going to the Avada > Options panel, then switching to the Avada Builder Elements tab. On this tab, you can globally customize each element to your liking. If you’d like to customize each Avada Builder Element individually, then you can do so by editing the individual Element while building your page or post. You can also access these Element Global Options when you are in Avada Live. Simply click the Toggle Sidebar icon on the Toolbar, and choose the Global Options Tab. Scroll down to the penultimate option, called Avada Builder Elements, and here you can also set the global defaults for the Elements.
avadatheme customize elements
avada builder

Website builder features in avada

Avada gives the beginners and everyone actually the opportunity to develop their websites without any knowledge about coding at al! You can totally build, design, develop and engage your website according to your choice and imagination within the premises of Avada WordPress Theme. Exciting right? Let’s checkout some of the Website builder features in avada. These the reasons behind avada being best selling wordpress theme.

Advanced options network: This feature brings you the most fascinating prospect ever! Having access to the Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page/Post Options and Design Element Options you can create a vast website with amazing designs and layouts totally without having any idea about programming languages, coding and all that.

advanced options

The Fusion Builder settings: Avada provides a well equipped page builder tool of its own which is a fusion builder tool.  It is a customizing and felxible page builder for WordPress. It focuses on providing a powerful user friendly experience that aims to closely emulate the native WordPress look and feel.

fusion builder

One click demo importer: This tool gives you the ultimate flexibility to import a full demo and parts of any other and anything in between. You can select pages, posts, portfolios, images, sliders, theme options or widgets as per your choice. import additional sections at any time or uninstall it all & start fresh.

eCommerce ready: Avada presents you an influential platform to sell anything anywhere! It gives you the chance to connect with WooCommerce which is the go-to plugin for creating an online shop. It gives you the easiest path to sell your products right away online. You can build and design the shop on your own.

best selling wordpress theme avada ecommerce

Mobile responsive: It is 100% responsive across all devices. The available options, Elements, and layouts will display correctly on all mobile devices. For greater flexibility, options like margins, padding, and typography responsive settings, can be adjusted throughout the site so that your content is presented nearly and pixel-perfectly.


Translation and RTL ready: Avada WordPress Theme is translation & RTL ready. The theme including all it’s equipment’s is 100% translation ready and and developed with a well planned vision. It  also has a built in multitude of language files prepared for you to use right away.

Professional theme support: Avada has got its own strong team of 20+ world class professionals. They provide 6 months free support with every license. Are willing to educate as well as help. Developers provide comprehensive documentation. They are also growing an extensive video tutorial with best possible resources.

Design elements In Avada

Avada WordsPress provides 70+ designs of endless possibilities. It provides everything you need to come up with an enriched and dynamic website with amazing designs and layouts. Among the huge collection of enriched features some of their new edition are:

Avada Slider Element: The Avada Slider is a fantastic lightweight slider alternative to showcase your videos and images. You can integrate video carousels, image sliders, hero images and more with this ultra-flexible Slider element.

Lottie Animation: This library will function on any device. It helps you add Adobe After Effects animation files as .json files anywhere in the website. Designers and motion graphics artists can create small file size animations. That will add a special touch to any web page.

Sharing box: Avada’s Sharing Box Element lets you share a webpage, blog post, portfolio item or piece of interesting content the right way. You will have full control over the style of your social sharing icons and background. Now You can choose what you want to share.

Text Block: This powerful feature allows you to insert content into your page. The Fusion Element Generator is able to be used to insert any element Fusion Builder offers. In addition, there is an added feature that lets you take one large body of text content and choose the amount of columns it will be displayed in. This is perfect for blog posts and pages as it offers a unique design style and gives you more control over how you present the information to your users.

Title: Now the users can design their title more efficiently. You can style, flare or highlight the titles. You can add different styles of font too. And you can also choose the assigned font’s subset and variant.

Professionally designed pre-built websites: One of the best features of Avada is it offers you a collection of professionally developed pre-built websites. Which means if you’re a beginner it could be the easiest way for you to off that too with powerful features. Also if you already are a pro, you can still take ideas from professionals!

Some other alluring features of avada

  • Customised drag-and-drop page builder tool.
  • An enriched library of elements to insert into your content.
  • A growing selection of pre-built websites and individual page templates.
  • Support for video backgrounds and inserting video into your content.
  • A range of different header layouts and vertical navigation areas.
  • Background image blur, fading effects and other animations.
  • Testimonial, portfolio and skill publishing tools.
  • Support for popular plugins, including WooCommerce and Gravity Forms.

What’s new Avada 7.0

  • The super flexible Header Builder is included in the best selling wordpress theme Avada. You can customize the number of columns to use when designing and building the header, with a vast array of styling options to perfect the layout. 
  • Latest Avada pre-built website let’s you import at the click of a button. It is stylish and vibrant. WooCommerce ready for your online store and built with many of the latest Avada 7.0 features on display.
best selling wordpress theme website builder
  • Avada 7.0 provides you 16 new efficient dashboards. Where everything that you need is right there at your fingertips. You can get started with building your perfect Avada website right away.
  • Flexbox, which is a highly flexible layout mode in CSS3. Allows for supreme layout control and layout display of HTML pages.
  • The all new Avada Website Builder element for Lottie Animation lets you quickly and easily add. And customize Lottie Animations on your pages.

How Avada Offers Your Website To Search Faster, Better & Smarter

Search engine optimization (SEO), a digital marketing strategy which is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page through various search engines. Avada WordPress theme provides you with Yoast SEO plugin itself. 

Thus Avada is hundred percent user friendly its another reason to make it the best selling wordpress theme. The users get the opportunity to engage their projects with different pages, websites and industries easily on this platform. It makes their site more friendly and trustworthy to users and search engines. Best selling wordpress theme Avada’s massive range of Design and Layout Section Elements gives them the opportunity to engage with the biggest eCommerce based websites.

Expenses of Avada

ThemeForest offers Avada for $60, which provides unlimited access to the theme updates and also six months of support. 

However you can extend the support period to twelve months for an additional $18. It offers you a host of premium WordPress plugins at no additional cost with this package.

Some FAQs about Avada WordPress 

  • Is avada a good theme?

Avada WordPress Theme is the best selling theme for a reason. It is user-friendly, full of premium features and highly customizable. Using this theme, you can create beautiful websites in no time. Avada is great for anyone who wants to try WordPress website building or want to get creative with their site.

  • Can I use avada on multiple sites?

Yes. One purchase of Avada allows you to use the theme on one finished site. If you need to use it on a second site, it requires you to make a second license purchase. Avada is the best selling wordpress theme.

You should reuse WordPress Themes Instead of Buying New Ones. You can reuse WordPress themes by simply customizing it.

The theme file is located in my downloads folder. Select the file and click on Open. When you are sure you have selected the right file, you can go ahead and install your activate by clicking on Install Now.

  • How do I get an Avada token?

To generate a personal token, head to the Avada dashboard (Avada > Dashboard) from the WordPress Dashboard.

  • How To Generate A Personal Token?
  1. View the user’s Envato Account username.                                             
  2. Download the user’s purchased items.                                                               
  3. List purchases the user has made.                                                             
  4. Verify purchases the user has made.
  • Is avada good for SEO?

Avada is pretty good for SEO on it’s own, with the Yoast SEO plugin powering it. it becomes a powerhouse for ranking on google. it is another reason to make avada best selling wordpress theme.

Demo is fast, but the theme is slow. The Avada authors claim their demo site scores a 94% (A) on PageSpeed tests. But this isn’t quite true. On PageSpeed Insight tests. The Avada theme demo scores an average of 89% for desktop results (which is still quite good), but a much lower 71% for mobile devices. There is no doubt about avada theme speed. Loading speed is another factor which make it best selling wordpress theme.



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