If you are looking for a WordPress theme to establish your online business this article is for you. In this article, we have presented the 5 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2020.

As time passing by WordPress theme industry is growing bigger. Right theme is a very important factor for your Website or Blog. Now a days it’s a challenging job to choose best WordPress theme for your business. We have got your hard work done. All you need is to read this article and buy your desired WordPress theme from our most popular WordPress theme picks.  

Here you will find niche-specified WordPress themes as well as multipurpose WordPress themes.

Based on your need you can select the best WordPress theme that fulfills your use case scenario and makes your website lucrative.


Divi is one of the polished multipurpose WordPress themes among the popular ones. Elegant themes developed this leading WordPress theme.

Divi’s drag and drop builder allows you to build any kind of layout so easily. It also comes up with 20 pre-made Divi layout which can help you to start your project straight ahead.

Your customized Divi layout will be saved in Divi library for future use.

On your elegant theme membership purchase, you will get two different types of Divi in your dashboard (Divi theme and Divi builder plugin). It will also give you access to another theme named extra and 2 plugins (Bloom and monarch).


1.Flexibility and features packed into one nice bundle.

Divi theme is very flexible to use and it has a lot of features which makes the theme so popular.

2.Highly customizable WordPress theme.

You will be lost in an ocean of customization options which will help you to create website in your own way. Divi will make your development process easier with lot of elements.

3.Easy to use and absolutely no coding knowledge is required.

With Divi you will be able to build website simply by drag and drop process and all the functions of the theme is extremely easy to use for these you don’t need to know any coding.

4. Divi also has theme editor.

If anyone wants to customize the theme itself. There is a good news, Divi also has a built in theme editor.

5.Comes up with 40+ website elements.

Many different elements are necessary to create a fully functional website. You will be able to create your professional website without installing any additional plugins. Some of the worth mentioning elements are buttons, images, audio, video, form, shop, blog and many more according to your need.

6.1000+ pre-made website layout.

You don’t need to build your website from scratch. You can choose a layout from a variety of pre-made website and get your job done.

7.Extensive documentation and customer support.

Divi provides full documentation and 24/7 customer care service.

8.The code behind Divi theme is fully secured.

Divi is highly secure which is audited by Sucury, one of the leading web security firms.

9.Built in lead generation and email marketing.

Divi has a build in lead generation and email marketing with the help of Bloom email opt-in plugin. You don’t need any third-party application to manage traffic in your website and generate lead.

10.Integration with e-commerce.

Building an e-commerce website from nothing must be painful if you use a theme which is not integrated with e-commerce. If you are considering Divi for your e-commerce website there is nothing to worry about.


Divi is a mighty WordPress theme with a lot of features and functionality which sometime seems too many.

Divi’s use of custom short codes don’t transfer to other page builders like Elementor.


If you are looking for a multipurpose WordPress theme to prosper your business then Divi will be the right choice. Divi is most popular WordPress theme and ultimate visual page builder.


Astra is super lightweight and highly customizable WordPress theme with a ton of features. Loading time of any website using Astra Theme is less than half second. Support for popular WordPress page builders create the difference from other themes. WPBakery page builder, Breaver builder, Elementor, Guternberg and so many popular page builders are integrated in Astra, one of the most popular WordPress themes.


1.Lots of pre-made website templates.

Astra has a large number of pre-made websites for the users. They are so gorgeous and functional that the users can easily select one and use them for their website. The Astra team updates their pre-build website library every month. It will be an easy job for you to choose a suitable template from a ton of pre-made website templates.

2.Regular updates.

Astra WordPress theme provides regular update to users which helps to keep the theme bug free and fresh. From the dashboard update can be installed with just a click.

3.Multiple domains.

If you are working in an agency and make a lot of websites Astra is there to save a lot of your costing as it can be installed on as many websites as you want.

4.High performance oriented.

You can import premium plugins and demos with a single click once you have bought the theme. The websites made with Astra theme are very light and load time is very fast as it uses Vanilla JavaScript instead of using jQuery.

5.Remarkable design and customization.

Astra will help you to build beautiful website by a lot of customization tools. Your website will be highly responsive too.

6.SEO friendly.

Website traffic is very important to gain new customers. It is highly recommended to use a theme that is SEO friendly.

7.Astra widgets.

Astra widgets make your website extremely interactive and engaging for the visitors.

8.100% money back guarantee.

Astra gives you 14 days money back guarantee.

9.Seamless WooCommerce integrations.

Best WooCommerce plugins are there in Astra theme to get the hard works done for an e-commerce business website.

10.Customer support.

Astra theme provides full documentation and the best customer support. It helps you to clear all your queries.


Only disadvantage of Astra WordPress theme is that you need to renew subscription in order to get full customer support but the subscription fee is totally affordable and there will be ana amount discount in annual subscription fee.

Another way to avoid this situation is by buying the lifetime license but this is not recommended for individual use. If you are using Astra in your agency, where you build many websites using this then you can go for lifetime license.


From our experience we believe this theme this is a good WordPress theme to use. The rest is your decision to make but this theme won’t disappoint you.


Hestia is a single page theme with endless customization options. ThemeIsle, one of the popular WordPress developer company brought the theme in market. Like other themes it has two versions free and premium. The free version is appreciated by many users but it lacks many features. This article is covered about the premium version of Hestia theme. We also discuss how this theme placed itself among the 5 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2020.


1.A centralized customizer.

All your customization options are in one place which makes it easier to build and customize the website.Huge template library.

2.Huge template library.

There are some amazing theme templates from where you can find any suitable template that matches your website criteria.

3.Clean and top-notch design.

Clean design pattern is one of the reasons that places the theme among the most popular themes. Single page design is very helpful as it makes comfortable to work and more readable.

4.Hestia pro hooks.

This tool allows you to insert customized HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP code and shortcodes in any places. This helps to customize the theme further.

5.E-commerce and blog integration.

Hestia pro helps you to set your perfect e-commerce and blog website.

6.Documentation and Support

This theme provides a decorated documentation and has a dedicated team for customer support.


Some customization option lacks a bit. Which is not a drawback I think for a powerful theme like Hestia. Text editor in the frontpage requires some improvement. Other than these the theme is almost perfect.


From our experience, we believe this theme is a good WordPress theme to use. The rest is your decision to make but this theme won’t disappoint you.


Soledad Magazine is a powerful and flexible WordPress theme that helps to build unique and professional websites in few minutes. Soledad Magazine was developed and released by PenciDesign in 2015. Since then it has been a popular WordPress theme in the industry. From the name you might think that this theme is for online publication or blog sites but this is not. Soledad has a wide range of pre-made templates which will easily fit in the area of your business.


1.Responsive and excellent Design.

Soledad Magazine provides a responsive layout and very beautiful design. The theme design is as much user friendly as possible also optimized by google certified experts. Soledad offers a mega menu which works very efficiently. Featured slider and video can be added. Variety of header and article styles are there too. Social widgets help to build cross platform connection and makes the website viral.

2.Soledad has a great functionality.

Soledad is very responsive and fits in any screen size. This theme will help you to build interactive and premium e-commerce website. The theme supports translation to any language. Penci plugin is there to gather visitor’s opinion.

3.SEO friendly theme and clean code.

The theme is built with upgraded HTML and CSS which is good for SEO. The well written code follows google and other search engine standards. Grip compression is activated which makes it faster.

4.Documentation and Support.

Soledad provides a good and detailed documentation to make the use of theme easier. Team Penci is always improving the theme and releasing updates for their users which fixes all the bugs and provides you a secured website. Their support team is highly professional and solves all the customer queries.


Slightly slower page speed, which I think is not a problem at all because of its other feature.


Soledad is elegantly designed multipurpose WordPress theme which is very flexible and has highly customizable features. Visual composer helps you to create website creatively. This theme is one of the 5 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2020. You will never fell any trouble using the theme. If you are looking for a great multipurpose WordPress theme Soledad can be a good choice.


Ultra is created and developed by Themefy. The theme is very flexible, powerful and highly responsive. Ultra provides a wide range of pre-built website templates. This theme is a great option to turn your imagination into reality. Anyone can build any type of website easily using this theme. In this review I am going to discuss pros and cons of Ultra multipurpose WordPress theme.


1.Great features and bonus builder add-ons.

Plenty of good features are provided in Ultra multipurpose WordPress theme. Countdown, progress bar, contact, WooCommerce, image pro, slider pro, maps pro, pricing table and many builder add-ons come free with the purchase of this WordPress theme.

2.Pre designed layouts.

Over 60 pre designed layouts are there to make developers work easier. The developer just needs to select proper adjustment for his website and build on top of it. There is a lot of options to choose from.

3.Smart layout.

Smart layout feature helps you to choose the appropriate width for your website. This also helps to fix the width of any individual pages. This means you can choose same layout for the whole website or different layouts for different pages.

4.Section scrolling.

This new feature helps the website viewers to scroll through the whole section.  The option is attached to divide the contents into different sections and make the website more attractive to the visitors.

5.Mega Menu.

Mega menu allows to display recent posts, multi-column drop-down menu even the ability to add widgets into the menu.

6.Documentation and support.

Ultra provides a helpful documentation to its users which makes the use of the theme much easier. They also have a dedicated team to support its users for any kind of problems. 30 days refund policy is available if you are not happy with the theme.


There are so many features to choose. It sometime might through you in a dilemma which one to use. This is the only thing that comes into my mind thinking about the cons of Ultra.


After going through the theme thoroughly, we can easily place Ultra among the most popular WordPress WordPress themes. If you are looking for a comfortable WordPress theme then Ultra can be your consideration. We can place this theme easily among the 5 Most Popular WordPress Themes of 2020.


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